Cuban-Style Pot Roast Recipe

Here’s what you need to make the Authentic Cuban Pork Roast: 15 pound bone-in pork butt (give or take a pound) 1/2 cup olive oil cloves from 2 whole heads of garlic peeled

The pot roast is my version of the Cuban favorite ropa vieja and can be made in advance. For a Hanukkah appetizer, place a tablespoon of meat on top of a cooked plantain and garnish with chopped olives and cilantro.

Boliche (Cuban Pot Roast) Recipe

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Cuban roast pork is delicious marinated in mojo sauce, made with orange, oregano, garlic and cumin. Incredibly flavorful and easy to make, great for a crowd.

What is pernil? (Cuban pork shoulder) Pernil is the Spanish word for pork shoulder. In America, especially the northeast pernil is traditionally roasted in the oven. But lately, I've seen people go as far as to grill it. I mean, hey, go for it. But on the islands, they typically take a whole pork and roast it over an open fire.

Cuban Ropa Vieja is tender beef that’s slow cooked in a savory broth with wine, tomato sauce and Latin spices, then shredded to look like rags, hence the name. This recipe can be made in a slow cooker or instant pot (instructions below)!

Cuban-style beef has no secrets, none that we are aware of anyway. Unless you consider that the key to a successful ropa vieja is a delicious grass-fed flank steak. When consuming meat, always source the best that you can find and afford, and remember that organic does not mean grain-free.

Cuban Mojo Pot Roast Recipe

I am second generation Cuban-American and have cooked the pork roast in the oven many time. However, I will be cooking it this way from now on. The only difference I will make is that I will do the traditional mojo marinade for 24 hours before I place the pork in the slow cooker.

Instant Pot Garlicky Cuban Pork More pulled pork recipes I love are Italian Pulled Pork Ragu , Filipino Adobo Pulled Pork and Mexican Pulled Pork Carnita Tacos . I got my hands on Melissa Clark’s new book Dinner in an Instant (affiliate link) which features 75 recipes for pressure cooker and slow cookers.

Keto Cuban Pot Roast – Low Carb. A keto Cuban Pot Roast recipe in the style of Ropa Vieja. Made in the slow cooker or Instant Pot, it’s low carb dairy free, Paleo, and even Whole 30 compliant!

Instant Pot Cuban Pork with Homemade Mojo(Pernil Asado) Recipe by Lana Horruitiner Perez and Mojo recipe adapted from Santiago Perez 3+ lb Pork Shoulder, Picnic Shoulder, Boston Butt, or Picnic Half, cut into 3-4 inch large chunks (I prefer to use skin on and bone-in even though I remove both the bone and skin.